In the shadow of the glorious northern kingdom, past the safety of the civilized lands and the protection of keeps and castles, lies the Backlands. A place forgotten and ignored by the kingdoms and gods, the blasted crags and valleys of the Backlands are home to monsters, bandits, travelers and forgotten dregs of society. The Back Wall holds all of them in this abandoned wasteland. The filthy cities and bleak towns hold hundreds of somber, desperate people looking for hope. Some cling to religion, some to crime, some to black magic, some to conquest- but others still hunt for the Magnificent. Knowledge of the game that kills is whispered among those in the know- most have heard of it, but few know the truth, and not many have the brave to hunt the game. All that is known for certain is that the game is rare and enchanted with powerful magic, powerful enough to grant the winners their heart's desire.

You and your allies would like to find this game. 

Whether you grew up in the blasted wastes of the Backlands, listening to fireside legends of wishes granted through a simple game of cards, or you came from beyond the wall to risk everything for a chance to play, each member of your party wants their wish to be granted more than anything. It will not be easy. Many others search for the game as well, and will not be so keen to have mewling upstarts undermine their chance at their heart's desires. The rules are unknown, the pieces are scattered, and your party must divine truth from the hundreds and stories and lies that surround them. You may fail, you may be imprisoned, trapped, enslaved, mislead, deceived, betrayed, go mad or most likely killed, but if you can muster the strength of mind to succeed- 

The Magnificent will be yours. 

The Magnificent Game